What an Amazing Meditation

I just did a very relaxing hara breathing meditation, while listening to some soothing healing music. Breathing from this area (just below your belly button) will almost immediately create such strong feeling of calmness inside your body. This is one of my favorite types of meditation… all you need to do is simply breathe into this area, and then feel yourself getting so calm and relaxed. You can even do this during your day with your eyes open and while you work on something else, as you are simply adjusting the way you breathe and go from shallow chest breathing to a much deeper and fully breath.

How to Do It?

Simply sit or lie down and then place one hand on the area bellow your navel to help you direct the air and know from where you need to breathe. Then all you need to do is to breathe calmly and semi deeply into that area, watching your lower abdomen expand as you breathe. Breathe from the lowest part of your stomach. After only a couple of breaths you should already start to feel much calmer and like a wave of relaxation rushes over you.

This meditation technique is so simple and yet so effective. So if you are stressed out and need a quick way to calm yourself down, then I would definitely recommend this breathing meditation. Just be sure that you choose a time and place where you do not have to be alert and focused.

Why I Love Meditation

This is why I am so in love with meditation… it is something so easy and simple that everyone can do, and the effect it has on your body and mind is amazing. I just feel so balanced when meditating, and it creates such a great feeling of inner peace inside of me… like everything is in perfect harmony.

You especially have to be careful that you don’t allow stress to control your life, and when you feel stressed out for a longer period of time, then that is where you really need to do something about that. Stress is surely the root of all evil and it can completely destroy your health and happiness. So take the warning signs seriously, as your health, both physical health and mental health, is the most importation thing you have.

I just wanted to share this quick thought on meditation and this particular exercise, as I really hope it will be helpful to you guys. Let me know in the comments what you think and how this exercise made you feel!

Love and Light

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    Can you do a video that we be able to put a shield on the third eye that not a meat sugar tv will hurt my third eye?

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