7 Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency and that You Are Not Getting Enough

Why do you need Vitamin C? Vitamin C plays a vital part in your overall health, and Vitamin C deficiency can cause serious problems in your body and can in rare cases lead to Scurvy. The body does not produce this vitamin, and we therefore need to get it from food. Food that contains a lot of vitamin C, are things like fruits and vegetables. We need to ingest this vitamin on a daily basis, as it is not stored in the body for later use. Taking supplements can help you get the necessary amount of vitamin C, though you should also include it in your diet.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, so it is recommended to eat them raw or with minimal preparation, as boiling them will lead to loss of vitamin. Some people reuse the water they have just boiled their veggies in, to boil rice, to reabsorb some of the lost vitamins, which is a great trick to avoid vitamin waste.

So here are some signs that you are not getting enough vitamin c.

Weak Immune System

Vitamin C boosts the immune system and helps prepare you for bacteria and virus attacks. If you have vitamin C deficiency, you will notice how you get sick a lot. You always seem to catch the flu and cold, as it does not take much for your body to get infected. Your body also takes longer to get fully well, as your immune system is down and don’t have the necessary elements to fight the disease.


When you don’t get the vitamin C you need, your body becomes tired and drained of energy. Besides just being tired, lack of vitamin C can also cause depression and interfere with your happiness.

Dry Skin

Vitamin C helps fight dry skin and rebuild collagen. This may also reduce the progress and formation of wrinkles. Lack of vitamin C in your diet will lead to rough and unhealthy looking skin, as it does not have the vital ingredient for building healthy tissue and keeping your skin smooth and glowing.

Unhealthy Hair and Nails

Just like with your skin, your hair and nails need collagen. If you eat unhealthy and don’t get the required amount of vitamin C in your diet, your hair will start to split, and your nails will break, as they become much weaker. Hair and nails are some of the least important parts of the body, and vitamins are therefore used for more important things first, such as your organs and cells.


Lack of vitamin C can cause serious damage to the body. The vitamin helps create and strengthen skin and tissue. Vitamin C deficiency can therefore lead to thin skin membranes and tissue that break easily. You may experience that you bruise easily and that your wounds take a long time to heal… much longer than normal. You may also bleed easily from various parts of your body such as getting nosebleeds, or bleeding from your gum. These are already thin membranes, and lack of vitamin C only makes them break faster.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is another symptom of lack of vitamin C, due to swelling and inflammation of the joint. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to different types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or gouty arthritis.


As mentioned above, vitamin C helps build the skin and keep it strong and impenetrable. But when you don’t get the necessary building blocks for your body, your skin membrane becomes thin and weak. This also includes your blood vessel membrane, which in very rare cases can lead to the breaking of vessels causing a stroke. This is a very serious result of lack of vitamin C. If you are already at risk of getting a stroke, having high blood pressure or being overweight, then this could contribute to the problem.


So be sure to include vitamin C in your daily diet. The recommended dosage for adults is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women. So boost your immune system and make yourself stronger by giving your body what it needs.

Love and Light!

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