Top 7 Essential Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

Do you have difficulties falling at sleep at night, but don’t wish to take any sleep medication? Sleeping disorders and insomnia is a major problem today, and many people suffer from a bad sleep hygiene. They go to bed late, toss and turn trying to fall asleep, and dread the alarm clock in the morning. They then go to work, feeling tired, low on energy and sometimes even have nausea due to the lack of sleep. If this is something you deal with, then here are the top 5 essential oils to help you fall asleep and cure your insomnia to help you recreate a healthy sleep cycle and help calm and relax your mind and body in the evening.

Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils are the natures own medication, and each oil has many healing properties. These oils are used to treat many different conditions and ailments, and sleep is just one of the many things they are able to heal. Essential oils can heal the body and mind, boost your immune system, promote relaxation, assist with skin repair, remove and kill bacteria, virus and fungus, relieve pain and much more. Some oils have shown to have a curing effect on hair loss, acne and even cancer. But essential oils for sleep can help calm your mind and body, allowing you to relax and feel tired. Many people struggle with falling asleep, and even though they were tired an hour ago, the moment they lay down in their bed, they are wide awake. So with no further ado… here are 7 essential oils that are used for relaxation and sleep and for curing insomnia.

Below is a video with more details on these 7 essential oils and how they can help you fall sleep. Be cautious when working with essential oils. They are very powerful and potent, and some people may experience allergic reactions. So do your research and test them out before using.

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