Best Sources of Vitamin C in Foods

Vitamin C… the key to a healthy body. You probably hear again and again how important vitamin C is for the body and how you need to eat more of it to keep the doctor away. But where exactly can you find this wonder-vitamin? You may already know some sources of vitamin C and know that it is found in fruits and vegetables, but not all foods are created equal, and certain fruits and veggies contain more vitamin C than others. So here are some of the foods that have the highest amount of vitamin C.

Your Recommended Vitamin C Intake

Before we look at the different foods that contain a lot of vitamin C, We first need to know how much you are supposed to eat on a daily basis.

For adults, these are the numbers:

Men: 90 mg

Women: 75 mg

Now that we know how much is recommended, it is easier to judge the different fruits and vegetables. So here are some of the greatest sources of vitamin C.

Acerola Cherry

This exotic Barbados cherry, also known as Malpighia emarginata, is used to treat vitamin C deficiency due to its extremely high amount of the vitamin. This cherry contains 1677 mg per 100g of cherry, making it a natural vitamin C bomb.


Guava seems to outrank many fruits and veggies out there with its enormous amount of vitamin C. One little guava fruit contains around 377 mg making it a great choice if you need more vitamin C in your diet.


Another wonderful fruit that is rich on vitamin C is Kiwi. One cup of kiwi contain 137 mg and will be a great energy booster.

Red Pepper

Red pepper is a popular ingredient in many different types of recipes and with good reason. A cup of chopped up red pepper contains 190 mg, making it a fantastic source of vitamin C.

Green Pepper

Green pepper ranks a bit lower compared to red pepper, as a cup of this pepper contains 120 mg.


Broccoli is a wonderful piece of veggie and a whole broccoli contains 132 mg vitamin C, but also includes a lot of fibers, which are great for your digestion.


Cauliflower is almost identical to broccoli when it comes to its vitamin C content. One head of this veggie gives you 127 mg.


Strawberries are a wonderful high on vitamin C, and one cup contains 86 mg. And we know how quickly those berries are eaten, making it a quick way for us to get our daily dosage.


One cup of kale will give you 80 mg of vitamin C, and it is also rich on vitamin K and vitamin A.


These were just some of the different fruits and vegetables that are great Vitamin C sources and very easy to include in your diet.

Love and Light!

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