So Hum Meditation – I Am That

So Hum meditation chant, is a mantra that is used in both mediation and yoga. The mantra is Sanskrit and means “I Am That”. If you are a Christian, then this might sound familiar to you, as this phrase is also found in the scriptures. God told Moses “I am that I am”, which is a phrase many people have tried to decipher and understand for years. What does it mean? In the So Hum practice, it means to identify with everything around you. I Am That means that you are that specific item. You are the plants next to you… you are the water in the ocean… and you are the wind caressing your skin. You are everything… united by energy, and created from the same universal force.

So Hum Meditation

Chanting So Hum can help you to connect with the universe and God, and allow you to better understand the phrase. Give yourself a chance to connect with the world… with everything around you. Allow yourself to be a part of your surrounding, and let them be a part of you. That may be what God was saying in the phrase “I am that I am”… that he is everything.

Besides being a spiritual chant, the So Hum meditation can also help you center your mind and stay focused, which is great for beginners. So if your mind tend to wander a lot, this meditation chant might be able to keep your mind focused. It is a very easy meditation exercise, and the words will flow naturally, as it sort of goes with the breath. It thereby creates this natural soothing flow that helps relax and calm your mind and body.

So how does one practice this meditation? Start by finding a comfortable meditation posture, sitting up and with your back nice and straight to allow you to breath deeply. Take a moment to calm your mind and body before you begin. There are only two steps to this meditation… easy to remember and easy to do.

Step 1

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose. While you breathe in, chant “So” in your mind.

Step 2

Breathe out through your mouth while chanting Hum out loud.

In the beginning it might feel a bit forced and unnatural, but after a minute or two, it will begin to flow more naturally. After a couple of minutes of chanting, allow yourself to reflect the mantra “I Am That”. Allow yourself to feel connected to the universe and everything on this earth. This will give you a greater sense of understanding and a feeling of belonging. You are part of something big. And you understand how everything is connected. Connected by a powerful universal energy.

Bellow is a guided video, to help you get started with this peaceful meditation practice.


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