Share Your Own Third Eye Experiences

Have you been practicing third eye meditation and have you tried to activate your third eye? Then here is your chance to share your third eye experiences with people with the same interest. People are different, and we all have different results when it comes to spiritual development. By sharing your results, you get a chance to discuss your experiences with other people and listen to their results.

So here is what I want you to do… below in the commends field, I want you to share what third eye exercises you have been using and what results you have gotten. Below is a video on some of the most common short and long term symptoms of third eye activation. You may have had similar experiences or you may have had completely different ones.

Third Eye Results

Here are some of the most common opening results:

  • headaches
  • pressure on forehead
  • tingling sensation on forehead
  • Vivid dreams
  • seeing lights while meditating
  • seeing figures and shapes while meditating
  • becoming more aware and alert
  • improved creativity
  • A popping sound from withing your head
  • connecting with your intuition
  • feeling part of something greater

The list goes on, and spiritual development can be experienced in many different ways. The results may also vary in intensity. Some have very intense symptoms, while others barely feel anything. Keeping a spiritual journal can help you notice those subtle signs that your third eye is opening and awakening.

My Personal Experience

Here are some of my early experiences with third eye activation. I had been practicing meditation for a long while, and became extremely fascinated by the third eye and the chakras. After researching the topic, I decided to practice third eye meditation, as I wanted to feel more connected to my intuition and spirituality. I Started with the ancient thoh chanting meditation for 5 days, 24 hours apart, and got almost instant results. I did not know what to expect from this exercise, as I had not research the different symptoms one would get from third eye activation, as I wanted to be uninfluenced and keep an open mind. Once you are aware of the symptoms you may get, your mind can easily generate false results and you then become uncertain whether or not you actually are experiencing any symptoms at all.

Pressure and Tingling

After the first day of this exercise I did not feel much, but after the following days I would start to feel more and more on my third eye area. I would get a pressure on my forehead, and I would get an odd tingling sensation, like a spider was running on my forehead. I would keep trying to brush off something from my forehead. This feeling stayed for a couple for days. I did not hear a popping sound like some people do, but one night I did hear a loud sound, but was half asleep, so did not know whether it was real or a dream.

The pressure I would feel would go from just being on my forehead to become an intense pressure all around my head. Whenever I would meditate, I had to stop halfway through the exercise, as it felt like my head was being crushed. It was sort of an underwater kind-of feeling… like a pressure from all around. This slowly subsided after a couple of weeks, and I could finally complete my meditations once again.

Increased Awareness

After I had completed the thoh chanting meditation, I continue with other types of third eye meditation. However, I did make sure to not only practice third eye meditation, but also practice other types of meditations, such as mindfulness, grounding, visualizations and so on. I also made sure to regularly practice full chakra meditations to keep a healthy balance inside my entire chakra system.

I began to experience this out-of-the-blue alertness or awareness, that I couldn’t really describe. It was like my eyes would constantly detect things out of the corner of my eyes, but there was nothing to be seen. Either my eyes simply got extremely alert, detecting even the smallest movements around me, or it detected things not belonging to the physical world, as there would be noting to be seen once I turned my head. Either way, this would happen several times a day, and I felt like my vision had broadened… Like I was able to take in more information around me, because of this new alertness of my eyes.

Precognitive Dreams

I would also begin to get vivid dreams and precognitive dreams. I kept a dream journal to document my dreams, and each night I would get small glimpses of the next day, predicting things from the following day.

So these were some of my early third eye experiences. But when I was starting with my third eye activation, I found it extremely difficult to find some clear and structured directions of what exactly I needed to do and how to do it. That is why I have created a simple and straightforward step-by-step guided plan for third eye activation. So check out my eBook “The Third Eye – A 17 Step Activation Plan” on Amazon, where I have made it as easy as possible, giving you a clear plan taking you through the preparation phase, the opening phase, and the activation phase, one step at the time.

Your Experiences

So leave a comment and share your own personal story, which can be a help for other people, who are in the same situation as you.

Love and Light!

2 thoughts on “Share Your Own Third Eye Experiences

  1. This is my story that i had written down, at first it started as a journal entry but this experience was so vivid i decided to make a creative writing piece. I swear to God, this happened to me while listening to JBittersweet’s 3rd eye activation binaural beats video.

    My Spirit Guide –
    The Answers within

    ~Day of Ari Kubra~
    By Cuong Luu

    After getting pretty decent in my Reiki flow, I decided to harmonize with my Third Eye Chakra. A thought had occurred to me… If the Crown Chakra was the Sacred chakra linked us to all creation, then maybe the third eye chakra could be our link to Humans’ next step in evolution… Without getting too deep into thought… Let’s move along with the story. With the help of binaural beats, I reached a state deep meditation… Almost trance-like the situations that would soon unfold… That is when… I met “him -” Ari Kubra…Please, keep in mind that I did not physically see anything, nor did anything manifest in reality…

    Upon closing my eyes, beautiful images and colors began to fill my imagination, effortlessly and vividly. I remember a wise person once told me to let your imagination flow with the breath….. The shapes were astonishing! Name any sacred geometrical shape and it was there! Platonic solid? It was there, from cubes to star tetrahedrons, spheres to Metatron’s cube.
    As “time…” moved forward this beautiful area got more detailed and lovely, shooting-stars. comets, sun-sets, to sun-rises. Every season our planet has to offer. Guardian’s Angels, now, fly in , with their homonymous harps playing an amazing tune to our cosmic family, the Sun, the Moon and Earth 🙂 !
    I am thinking, “Damn… am I lucky to be experiencing this! Whatever this, even, is!”
    The images there-after start to spiral together into a dense black box. This “box,” now surrounded me in a three hundred sixty degree fashion and it felt awesome. Then to my surprise, two gigantic eyes shows up, they almost seem lady-like, but very ominous…
    I ask, “are you male or female?”
    It replies…”Neither,” in a very mysterious tone.
    Now, being an adept at dealing with entities, I had to make sure it wasn’t a demon, so I infused Reiki with the power of love and emanated the energy outwards to see how the entity would react. After, “well whaddya know,” the room then, turned into one made of light. Nothing was left black, except for one thing… A funny looking creature now staring back at me and it was…
    A CAT! Standing up on 2 legs… LOL
    The cat giggles too.
    “Could you be my spirit guide?” I ask with a smirk on my face.
    “Yes.” he replied with a laugh with an immediate jump to my shoulder and finally landing on my head. He bows to the imaginary crowd feeling, oh, so, smug about his acrobatic maneuvers-
    – …. Okay I give up I’m nuts! This is all just my imagination!
    A random thought occurs, “if the cat was really my spirit guide then why are we exchanging words… if he was really my spirit animal couldn’t we just feel what we wanted to say to each other. I mean, essentially, we’d be the same entity right…?” Still thinking, “hmmm… Why is he so goofy? ”

    He continues to frolic around the room. I ask, “what’s your name?”
    “You’ll find out soon :D,” he says with an enormous grin on his face, almost like his rebuttle to my previous smirk. :/
    More thoughts arrive, of love mind you <3. It wasn't until this one realization dawned –
    //Get it ? Dawned! Haha like what we saw earlier? Oh whatever! IT WAS FUNNY TO ME AT LEAST!
    Ahem! -… UNTIL this one realization dawned on me, followed up by something completely mystical.
    "What if it was my EGO personifying my new feline friend," upon releasing my ego and thus releasing ego from the Cat the room starts to spiral into itself and then on to us. It is a hurricane of pure Prana and we're in the eye of the storm! Until…
    A transformation takes place…! The Cat turns into a huge Panther!!!

    No more following words were exchanged from this point and onwards.
    Everything now was communicated telepathically towards the cat as I knew, I was him and, he too, knew he was me.
    His name is Ari Kubra.

    While holding onto Kubra's back, we soar through oceans… Mountains… Clouds, and even up Earth's atmosphere…! We paused for a moment, admiring all of Earth's beauty…! Look at that! Our planet in Bird's eye view, correction; Flying Panther's eye view. We both, then, feel a sense of immense peace… Thanked Gaia and sent an, "I love you" wave to all of the Milky-Way.
    Gliding through vastness of the Universe, our journey continues…With a catch! …This time, we are travelling at higher speeds… ! …Light speeds ..! 8D cool!
    We travelled through many places never missing a moment to stop and gaze at the vast wonders of the Universe. You have to imagine although we are flying at light speeds, this area, this "Space" that I created at this moment was timeless. It was like we had a remote control which in turn could press "slow," "repeat," "rewind," and even "pause". Flying accross our galactic neighborhood, we decide we're heading straight for the nearest black hole!! This thing was huge! through a worm hole… Get this okay? Then out a white hole!!!
    OMG!!! XD
    The colours, the asteroid fields, the galaxies… Words are useless to describe this moment. Ever hear the expression, "don't let your imagination run wild?" This was it! …Just wild…Until.. We got a call, slowly a phone started to appear in front of us, it came into existence!
    Jokes aside, we picked up the phone and this is serious! This is an emergency call… FROM GAIA herself… MOM! We halted our sight-seeing escapade and rushed…! TO EARTH! Only this time as,
    "Earth's Heroes!"
    This time we're heading back to Earth at warp speeds! Kubra quickly grabs me and puts me on his back, once again. He starts to dash majestically though fiercly through wormholes taking every shortcut we can flying through every rip in space-time itself to get to our final destination… Earth! We securely put Earth into our jaws, yes you heard it, our jaw :O…

    Like a flash… We sensed an evil, that an enourmous malevolent force is nearby… We look up…

    "When you stare into the abyss long enough… It stares back at you!"

    …It is pure darkness with two gigantic eyes! This thing is made from hate and greed and pain and every disgusting thing you can think of all into one. A towering evil demon with black flames that englufled even light! His darkness LITERALLY shined onto light and evaporated it. THIS THING wanted to hurt Earth! It just had to be stopped.
    Picture us okay, me and Kubra and Earth clenched into our mouth… But this guy… is at least… FIFTY THOUSAND TIMES BIGGER THAN US! HELLO MR EVIL SKY SCRAPER WITH 2 EYES :S. This monster made light lose its shine, stars that were so elegant earlier now drained of all of its beauty, all because of the pollution emenating out of his pure black aura.

    We did not hate this entity, however we cannot let it do what it wants with Gaia!

    Me and Kubra decide to infuse our love into Reiki and power up! We felt it! The power of love the power to protect our mother… Gaia! More surprises… Wait for it… We hear a reassuring voice, a voice that seemed so familiar… THE SUN!!
    "Take this my child."
    WE TRANSFORMED INTO SUPER SAIYANS! Just kidding, but we might as well been. Our light was now burning with the Sun's passion… The Abyss blinks, reacting to our shine. We are now radiating massive light flames…

    The once Black Panther, is now, The Leopard of Light – Ari Kubra the Shapeshifter.
    //Swear to god, there was a shorter name but this is how English interprets it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Then comes me, Cuong the Lightbringer. As super as any super saiyan AND I could summon Katana that radiated with gold love energy combined with glittering with red flames.


    "What should we do?"
    "Protect Earth"
    Kubra and I decide to charge in and super jumped towards The Abyss. Propelling off comets picking up speed accellerating to light speeds. Moments later, we get to the monster's stomach. Landing to dig our claws into him making him bleed dark blood, as we find our footing… We begin to focus on making a dense spherical energy made from pure love, it was dense and it could destroy the monster if we just focus! This sphere was about to go off, if you would measure this things mass it'd be denser than three combined white dwarf stars! This thing outta pack a punch!
    The energy explodes… ! Beautiful… the explosion itself must have impact force as a red giant star going Supernova, perhaps even more, because DAYUMMM!! That's exactly it was…! The monster takes a critical hit, but the monsters not down…
    "Persistent bitch!."

    Me and Kubra retreat and rush back to Earth to what would seem like a flash of light… While next to Earth, Kubra flings me off of his back and on to a platform made of light energy. I glance back at Kubra from a distance … He nods at me returning to his once black form…

    I knew what I had to do. I clenched my fist, and felt an instant surge from Kubra's leftover flames. It is now…

    The Light Bringer vS The Abyss
    Earlier, we did considerable damage, however the Abyss was still enormous and more than ever he is pissed! He starts to throw condensed dark matter at me, Earth and Kubra. I grip my blade and take my stance… My Katana has the power to purify souls and to rid them of their evil Karma. It is named,
    Haku, the Katana of forgiveness! I lunged at every projectile aimed at Earth and Kubra, and purified the nasty bullets coming out of The Abyss. Then the weirdest thing happened, I heard the cries of the sad souls. They are the tormented souls once consumed by this monster! They were begging me for help.
    "I will end your suffering, but I cannot do it alone. Help me erase this demon and my blade will send you to Nirvana!"
    The souls rejoiced. Every direct slash on the dark matter meant, I was saving more souls and purified souls meant more love and what comes after love? LIGHT!
    The Abyss takes a step back, he scans the enviroment and makes a strategic decision. His focus has always been Gaia! Heavy artillery is now aimed at Earth and only her.
    "Coward!" I scream!
    The Abyss laughs as planet sized matter form around him. He shoots 30 of this dark space that look like they will detonate on impact!
    "No….! Gaia!!!"
    I rush towards the projectiles and manage to deflect a few dozen of them but I don't have the time to do a purifying slash. Worry starts to settle in… There were so many projectiles it was bullet hell! It seemed like it was only a matter of time before a few got through my defense!
    If those hit Earth all of our existence as we know it will be consumed by the dark and evil ABYSS.
    "I have to get back to Kubra"
    As I was about to get into form to head straight towards Kubra, I witness him transform into the Light Leopard. He then nods at me.
    "Okay," I said turning towards Abyss with a quick aerial direction change. "It is time to finish this!"
    This moment, too, is timeless, except this time I could only go forward.
    At this point,I muster every ounce of energy I could from my root chakra to my crown chakra. My Reiki to every ounce of love in my body…Surprisingly, scenes of my past begin to manifest and flow right into the sword. My Katana turns a bright red, radiating even bigger than before. It is now super charged with the power of Cho Ku Rei!

    "I can beat him with this!" I said, ambitiously.
    "Cuong, It's not enough!" A voice came from inside me, it's Kubra! And He took down the flank! Phew. "You need more light!"
    "WELL fuck…! This is all i got."

    Then.. Something felt so familar…this feeling… something I…Heard once..imagined?…maybe even..tasted it…No wait… I can see it! A Star-tetrahedron , started to manifest itself right into my reality. It was the size of a car, but it was denser than a hundred thousand white dwarf stars! I saw an infinite amount of soul strands coming out like strings tethered to something far far away. I looked down and realized a strand was even connected to my heart. This must be…

    The one consciousness… The Star starts to resonate with my Katana as strands from purified souls were also connected. Miraculously the once star tetrahedron has merged with my sword… Receiving a new name….

    Yahshua, the Divine Sword of Christ Consciousness!

    The colors the light this sword was emitting, is WAY too complex to describe in English. So i am asking you to use your imagination with this one word in mind, "Divinity." Now filled with love from every being from Earth. This blade was made of the memories, tears, love and joy of every soul connected to it. Everyone, including me felt the same beauty and was proud to be of the planet we love called, Earth.Timeless emotions start to flow inwards… Every memory, every first kiss, every time peace was made of love.. Imbued into this divine sword.

    Thoughts came into mind… Babies…Oceans…Mountains….Families…Pets…Mother Earth…Flowers…Oceanic creatures…Insects…The smallets atoms that representing galaxies 10 to the 100 million light years away…The Fibbanachi sequence…The PHI ratio…

    I felt Kubra nod…. I did not look back for I was already facing my Foe. The Foe that dares to harm it all… Nay… Destroy it all.
    "I will…"
    "We Will…"
    "All will…"
    Become Earth's Hero
    Our sword is now radiating brighter than our Sun by one-hundred-thousand-fold, blinding even him… Abyss the Tormentor! He covers his eyes and starts to tremble in fear as we take our stance, sword in air… Crap… The unspeakable happens..

    " A Lunar Eclipse! " The abyss laughs, " I am stronger now and your light cannot reach my darkness!

    We smirk at our defenseless adversary.
    "This light shall never fall into darkness!"
    "Just FYI… This blade is stronger in the dark."
    We use light speeds to jump to the Moon getting to the surface almost instantly.. Abyss took a second longer than usual to lock eyes on us.

    "LIES!" Abyss screamed in a rage, "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!"
    The darkness from the Moon starts to resonate with the light emenating off this divine weapon, and we take the power of empty space the power of the Lunar eclipse… A divine spectacle indeed….
    Using lights speeds to teleport to the monster's ear…
    I whisper something….
    Now teleporting to The tormentor's face, I give him a stare and look him dead in the eyes. I swing my sword, yelling,

    (Crescent Moon Slash)

    Direct hit… A crescent of light exits the sword propelling the Abyss in the direction of impact, at speeds faster than the speed of light…
    …Was he smiling…?

    Abyss then disintegrated and everyone who was trapped was now saved… PHEW… Miraculously stars and souls came rushing back to Earth! Little light particles of the soul returning back to their mother almost raining back into our home planet… Beautiful.. It was a phenomena later to be called "Star-fall" Truly, a gorgeous sight for all…
    Oh… What did i say to Abyss before we threw the finishing blow?

    I LOVE YOU <3.

  2. Hi J,

    I think I’m still in the early stages of the process. Many of the symptoms listed in your article aren’t unknown to me:

    pressure on forehead
    Vivid dreams
    seeing lights while meditating
    seeing a big eye from time to time
    connecting with your intuition

    I had one of those vivid dreams a few days ago where I was clearly seeing myself — in a sort of mirror — and I had three eyes on my face. I really felt that the third one was not physical however, i could see it. Sometimes, when I start my meditative practice, I can feel the presence of an eye between my eyebrows.

    I have experienced also, in several occasions, what you are describing as predictive dreams for the next day.

    I have two questions for you: what kind of brainwaves are used in this video ? Theta, Delta, something else? What does your experience with third eye look like nowadays?


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