Psychic Test – How Psychic Are You?

So are you psychic? Take this psychic ESP test to see how in touch you are with your psychic abilities. Everyone has an intuition, but how good are we to listen to it? This video psychic test will determine how strong your ESP and sixth sense is. All you need to do is to guess the outcome and predict the results.

Rules of the Game

So let us first go through the rules of this psychic game. This test will use coin flipping and you have to predict wether it will be head or tail. There will be 3 different rounds, each moving a little faster than the previous round, and each with more coin tosses for you to guess.

Round 1 – 30 tosses

Round 2 – 50 tosses

Round 3 – 70 tosses

Now, this may sound like a lot of coin tosses for you to go through, but it goes really fast once you get started. for the first round you have three seconds to guess the results, for the second round you have two seconds, and for the third round you have one. You are more than welcome to pause the video in between each round to give you time to clear your mind and calm your body before proceeding.

You may want to start by doing a short meditation exercise before you begin. Meditation can help calm your mind and body, and help you clear your mind and release tension and stress, so that you are able to hear the subtle sound of your intuition speaking. You can also just take a couple of deep breaths before you starts… this will also allow you to relax and be centered.

Psychic Test

So now that you know the rules, it is time to start the test to see how psychic you are or how in touch you are with your ESP and intuition. There will also be a short introduction to the test in this video. So when you are ready, you can play the video. Share your results in the comment section below.


One thought on “Psychic Test – How Psychic Are You?

  1. Debbie

    1st round=14
    2nd round=20
    3rd round=32

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