Is Opening the Third Eye Dangerous?

Are there any dangers related to opening and activating the third eye chakra? Well, that is a question I get a lot. Many people are interested in the third eye and spiritual development, but are a bit afraid of the unknown. The third eye is a very mystical phenomenon, and something we don’t know much about. That is what makes it such a fascinating, yet also terrifying subject. Opening the third eye is like opening a door to the unknown.

The third eye chakra is our doorway to the universe and the spiritual realm, and our direct portal to our higher self and intuition. Being connected to our intuition helps to guide us through life, allowing us to receive non-physical impressions and messages. We sense the physical world with our five senses, but we need our sixth sense to sense the spiritual world. This will help us feel more complete as a person, and like we belong to something greater than just this reality we live in. Opening the third eye can help us strengthen our intuitive abilities and sense our surrounding in a whole new way.

Is it Dangerous to Open the Third Eye?

People experience third eye activation and awakening differently. Some have very intense experiences, while others barely feel anything. Some people have visions and nightmares, while others only get a minor reaction. And some people wish they had never messed with the third eye, while others enjoy the journey. You should do a lot of research before taking this journey, to make sure opening the third eye is right for you. Also be sure to have a positive mindset so that you attract positive energies.

If you are interested in a guided step-by-step plan for third eye activation, check out my course “The Third Eye Challenge” from my YouTube series of the same name. This audio course will take you through the preparation phase, the opening phase, and the activation phase, one step at the time. So if you want to open your third eye, you will most likely find this helpful, as I have tried to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Is Opening the Third Eye Dangerous?

  1. Helen Deyoung
    Helen Deyoung says:

    Thanks for all you do. Your voice is like an angel. ?s For ya. What is the purpose of opening the third eye?
    I had started the process some time back an woke one morning to my entire room covered in numbers what do u believe this to mean ?

  2. Estella Yeo
    Estella Yeo says:

    Hi, This is Estella and I would like to make some enquiries about the Opening of the 3rd Eye.

    I apologise for the many questions asked. 

    1: What Are the Signs to Know if the 3rd Eye is Open or Opening ?

    2: How do I Keep the 3rd Eye to continue to be open so that it would not close again ?

    According to the Taoist, not everyone can open their 3rd Eye. Is this true?

    3: How do I know if my 3rd Eye can be open after practising my daily “Meditation as well as the Guided 3rd Eye Opening Meditation” from YouTube?

    Please kindly reply to me as soon as possible.  I look forward to receiving your reply soon.  Thank you.

    Miss Estella Yeo

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