I Just Love Oil Diffusers

I just got a beautiful oil diffuser from my friends, and it creates such a calm and pleasant environment. I decided to place it in my bathroom, as I just love the soft smell and spa-like atmosphere it creates. I believe the scent is Ylang Ylang, which I think is quite common and used in many of these reed diffusers.

So if you are looking for a nice way to create a pleasant home environment, why not get an oil diffuser. They give such a nice smell to your home and they are also beautiful home decor pieces. I have had plenty of these, and I always enjoy the fresh smell. I think they are a great substitute for the chemical and artificial air fresheners, if you make sure to get one that is not too cheap, as those smell very artificial.

Make Your Own

You can of course also make your own oil diffuser, if you have essential oils and want a more healing and natural effect. This can however be quite expensive, depending on the brand of oils you use. But the good thing about making your own, is that you have full control of what scent you want and what type of healing effect you want it to have.

Making your own reed oil diffuser is fairly simple. Here is one of my videos showing how to make your own diffuser in true DIY fashion using essential oils.

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