HIIT Workout – Metabolism Boosters to Lose Weight in Less Time

HIIT workout has become extremely popular over the past couple of years and is a great metabolism booster. This workout strategy is so timesaving and will fit perfectly into everyone’s life. Going to the gym can take up hours of your day, and afterwards you just feel hungry and tired. You then indulge in whatever food is in front of you when you get home, cause your body needs energy, and you crave sugar and salty food. But with HIIT training, you don’t have to go to the gym and can do it right from the comfort of your own living room.

What is HIIT Training

HIIT, short for High Intensity Interval Training, is a method that allows you to work out for only 30 minutes or less, but where you give it your all. So instead of running for an hour or two every day, this will be much easier to incorporate into your day. So if you are like me, you don’t want your workout to take up too much time of your day, as you of course have work to do, and places to be.

HIIT is divided into separate segments. You switch between short workouts performed in series followed by short breaks. At these short intervals you give it your all and work at high intensity. There are no set rules on which exercises you have to do, and you can do anything from sprints, squats, jumping jacks, push-ups and so on. You decide what exercises work for you, but the key is to work on high intensity where you give it 100%, and then rest where you slow down and simply bounce or jog. Try to keep moving a little when you rest, to keep your body going.

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Benefits of HIIT Workout

You would think that working out less can’t be more beneficial than a longer workout, but that is actually not true. Studies show that HIIT can actually be even more beneficial in many ways.


As mentioned above, a great benefit of using this exercise technique is that it is extremely time saving. When I go to the gym, it can easily take up 2-3 hours of my day, travel time, changing and showering included. But if you choose this HIIT technique, you can easily cut your workout down to 30 or even 20 minutes, making it way more time-efficient. You then have more time to all the other important things you need to do.

Greater Effect

A long workout is not always the best workout, and studies show that you will burn much more fat from a HIIT workout than from a regular workout, making it a phenomenal metabolism booster and great for people who want fast results and lose weight.

Build Muscle

Working with high intensity intervals can greatly improve your muscle mass and promote muscle building compared to regular training. You increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles, and you keep benefiting from the workout, even as you rest.

Improves Your Health

HIIT workouts are great for your cardiovascular health, and can strengthen the heart and your endurance, as you push yourself to your maximum. This reduces your risk of getting heart problems and heart diseases, as you improve your circulation and blood flow. HIIT not only strengthen the heart, but also strengthens your lungs. It improves your body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which improves your health and gives you more energy.

Reduces Cravings

Many people crave fatty and sugary food after they work out. And if you have just been to the gym the past 2-3 hours, changes are that you are going to be very hungry as you get home. This is very dangerous, as it then takes enormous willpower not to throw yourself over that chocolate bar on the table or buy some fast-food on your way home from the gym. Just the thought of having to cook some food after a long workout is almost more than you can bear. Since HIIT is much faster, you won’t be as hungry when you stop, as it will only take 30 minutes. This means you will easily be able to cook a healthy meal afterwards.


Another great things about HIIT, is that it is so very convenient. Yes, you don’t have to go to the gym or pay for that. You can practice whenever you want. You can do your workout inside your own living room. And you don’t have to worry about other people looking. This makes it very easy to incorporate into your daily schedule, as all you need is 20 or 30 minutes, and time for a quick shower afterwards.

Keeps You Motivated

People are motivated by different things, but looking outside the window from inside your warm and cozy home, watching the rain fall, does not make you want to put on those running shoes or go to the gym. We as humans are masters at finding excuses. We all do it. That is the greatest danger when we have to do something we don’t want to. But if you do HIIT training, you won’t have the same reasons not to do it. It will be much easier and you will be in control of when and where you exercise. This can be a strong motivation for people, as less work and preparation makes it much easier to do.

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