Guided Healing Meditation for Physical Healing of the Body

Illness and disease have a much tougher time living in a body that is balanced and free of stress. Being balanced and calm can help boost the immune system, and enhance the effect of the medical treatment. But when we get sick, we often times lose hope and many people slip into a depression as a result of their illness. This is of course quite understandable, but also very dangerous. We hurt the body with negative thoughts and emotions, making healing very difficult. People who believe they are going to get well and keep the hope have a much higher recovery rate than people who have lost all hope.

Just look at the placebo effect. Humans have unlimited potential when it comes to healing their own body. But most people don’t believe in themselves, and their own natural born abilities. One should of course always accept medical treatment, as that is a miracle in itself, but it requires that you believe in the treatment and that you believe you are going to get better. So what can you do to believe that you are going to get well? You can try practicing healing meditation, which is a great way to focus your energy on getting better and overcoming this illness.

Healing Meditation

Healing meditations are great to help you take control of your body and mind. It can keep you from falling into the deep hole of depression. It can help you stay focused and positive, even when you don’t see any results. You will be able to direct the energy in your body towards the diseased area. This will give it the energy it needs to restore the damage cells. It can help boost your immune system, making the body produce more white blood cells and making them work harder to get rid of that intruder.

Healing is really nothing magical. Your brain is in control of your body, and if you tell if to fix a problem, it will. The placebo effect is proof of how powerful the human brain is. If we truly believe we are getting better, we will start to feel better all of a sudden. If we believe we are sick, we will start getting symptoms of that illness on which we focus, even if we are not sick. The brain is a powerful thing and we need to used it to our advantage. It can help us fight off sickness and make recovery easier and faster.

Bellow is a guided healing meditation that can help you direct the energy in your body and the universe. This can help restore the damaged areas in your body. Remember that healing is only an alternative method you can use alongside any other medical treatment you are getting. You should always accept medical treatment, but having a positive and optimistic mindset has been proven to accelerate the healing process, as your mind is not working against your body.

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