Guided Evening Meditation for Improved Sleep

Sleep disorders and insomnia is a problem so common, many people will experience this at some point or in some stressful time in their life. When we don’t get enough sleep, we are unable to function properly, and the entire day is ruined. Insomnia is caused by many different things, but most commonly by stress. Stress makes it almost impossible for us to relax and our body is always at an alert state, filled with stress hormones and with a mind filled with worries and thoughts. This makes is almost impossible for us to fall asleep when we go to bed at night, and we then toss and turn for hours before we are able to fall asleep, only to be woken up by the alarm clock a few hours later. Sure there are sleep medication to help us fall asleep, but that is highly addictive and only helps us temporarily. Solving the problem is a most more effective strategy, and will help us recreate a healthy sleep cycle with a long term effect.

Natural Sleep Aid

There are so many tricks and techniques that can help you fall asleep, such as drinking chamomile tea, using lavender and cedarwood essential oil, exercising, turning off the television, and so on. One extremely effective alternative health method is daily meditation, as that will naturally help you calm down and reduce the stress response in your body and thereby improving your health and sleep.

Guided Evening Meditation

Bellow is a quick guided evening meditation to do before going to bed each night. This can help you calm down before going to bed, so that your mind is quit and your body is calm. Going to bed with a stressed and tense body, makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. So by meditating before you go to bed, can greatly help your body enter a more relaxed state, so that you won’t have to lie in bed for hours before falling asleep each night. So try this guided evening meditation to help you fight your insomnia and improve your health.

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