Goal Setting Challenge – June 2018

Welcome to the goal setting challenge, where we will make monthly goals to help organize our lives and get things done. Usually when we do not write down our goals, we have no structure to our day and life, and months just seem to fly by. Then at the end of the year, we are no closer to achieving our goals, and we then feel like we have wasted our time. So join this goal setting challenge with me, and let us make goals for each month to help push and motivate us.

Goals for June

So now it is the beginning of June, and we need to make some goals to help us focus on specific things. These goals need to be written down, and feel free to share your goals, which can help you feel more obligated to complete them, as other people will hold you accountable. So take a piece of paper, and write down two or three goals. These goals can be big or small… you decide. It has to be something you have wanted to do for a long time, but just haven taken the time to actually do. So please share your goals in the comments section.

My June Goals

1 – 30 minutes of singing practice every day

2 – 30 minutes of listening to┬ámotivational speakers every day

3 – 30 minutes of daily exercise

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  1. Can you do in your youtube Chenell a guided medetion to put shield on the third eye I mean that if we eat meat so that shield will protect our third eye from.meat

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