Fidget Spinner for Stress Relief, Concentration and ADHD

The internet is going crazy over the new fidget spinners… A tool for kids and adults who fidget. Beside being the new trend, the fidget spinner can also relieve stress and anxiety. It is especially great for special needs children and kids with ADHD/ADD, as it can help them stay focused. It seems to be a mystery to most people how this small object can benefit children and adults, as all it does is spin.

What is a Fidget Spinner

The fidget consist of some sort of blade that spins and a round plate in the middle to hold it. There are many different variations of this stress relief toy, but they all work the same. All you need to do is hold the middle piece and spin the blades. That is basically all this toy does, which can look kind of pointless from the outside. But these spinners have a great effect on people and can help you relax or concentrate.

Who Can Benefit from a Fidget Spinner

Everyone can benefit from the spinner, but these are targeted at kids who tend to fidget a lot. This can help them stay focused and improve their concentration as many kids struggle with staying focused for longer periods of time. Children with ADHD or Asperger’s will especially benefit from the fidget spinner, as it helps keep them focused and be less distracted. Many parents have seen incredible results in their kids, as they now have a much easier time concentrating in school and follow the teacher. ADHD makes it very difficult to sit still and be calm and centered, and this small item seems to have a great impact on those kids. Another great thing about this spinner, is that it is very discrete and quiet. This allows special needs kids to use it during class without interrupting their classmates.

But the fidget is not just for kids. Adults can also benefit from this item, as most adult living in this busy modern world, experience a lot of stress. The spinner is used to relieve stress and calm the mind and body just like a stress ball or the many other stress relief toys out there.

Love and Light!

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