Binaural Beats for Third Eye Activation

Binaural beats are great for helping your mind and body to calm down and relax. Your brain will naturally sync to the low frequency of the beats and thereby help you enter a deep trance-like state of meditation. Binaural beats directed at third eye activation is for those people who wish to open and awaken their third eye chakra and pineal gland for spiritual awareness. So be sure to do your research on the third eye before opening it. It can be a very frightening and unpleasant experience to some people, and you need to be prepared. You also need to have the right mindset to attract positive energy and avoid negative energy.

What is the Third Eye

The third eye chakra is your sixth chakra, and it is located in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows. The third eye is your window to the spiritual realm and it is your intuitive eye. This chakra allows you to sense the world in a non-physical way, receiving spiritual impressions and messages that your normal five senses aren’t able to pick up on. The physical location of the third eye is your pineal gland. A small endocrine gland in the middle of your brain, producing melatonin and DMT. The hormone DMT is also known as the spirit molecule and a way for your body to connect with your spirituality. The pineal gland can be found in many ancient sculptures and drawing. This indicates that the secret to its powers has been known for decades, and worshiped in many different cultures around the world.

Binaural Beats for Third Eye Awakening

Bellow is a video with a 2 hour long beat. The base frequency is 150 moving from a low alpha into delta for a smooth transition. This takes you from your waken state, to a relaxed deep meditative state. Brainwaves can help your body and mind to relax, making it easier for your to activate your third eye. Furthermore, it also helps direct the vibrations of the tones or music at your third eye, allowing it to awaken.

For a step-by-step guided plan for third eye activation, check out my eBook “The Third Eye – A 17 Step Activation Plan” at Amazon, where I have made it as easy as possible, giving you a clear plan on where to start, and exactly what to do.


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  1. Alan

    I really appreciate, what you are doing.
    Just to let you know Youtube uses a compression rate that will make frequencies etc way way off what they should be.

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