Binaural Beats for Sleep with Ocean Waves

Binaural beats have become extremely popular, and they are used for anything from meditation, relaxation, sleep, to concentration and study. The way the beats work, is that your brain creates this binaural beat as a third tone. Each side of your headphones will play a slightly different tone. This causes your brain to create this binaural beat which is the one you hear, or think you hear. Listening to these beats manipulates the brain to sync with the frequency it hears. This can help you to either relax or increase your brain activity. That is how you can use binaural beats for sleep or relaxation, as it tells your brain to be calm.

Your brain can go into different brainwave stages, depending on how active you are.


Gammar – can be seen at lucid dreaming. It is the highest frequency of the brain.

Beta – is a very alert and active state. You may be taking a test or having an anxiety attack.

Alpha – is the normal waken state. You mind is active but not over-active.

Theta – is the very relaxed state. You may be meditating, sleeping or just very calm and relaxed.

Delta – is the state of deep relaxation. Here you are most likely in deep sleep or deep trance.

So now that you know what waves are associated with what levels of activity, it becomes much easier to find the beats you need. So if you wish to relax, you need to listen to theta waves. If you wish to enter a deep trance-like state or sleep, delta is the one. and if you wish to increase your brain activity if you are writing an assignment, alpha may help you with that. Be sure to listen to binaural beats that will take you naturally and gradually from your waken state and into the desired state.

Binaural Beats for Deep Sleep

Now that you know a bit about brainwaves and how they are categorized, you are probably able to guess what waves will help you fall asleep… beats that takes you into delta for deep sleep. Bellow is a video of some binaural beats for sleep and deep relaxation. This will take you from a high theta into a delta combined with the soothing nature sounds of the calm ocean waves. Listen to this as you get ready to fall asleep. This can help your mind and body to relax, tricking your brain into believing that it is calming down and falling asleep, as it syncs with the beats. Binaural beats can be used as an alternative medication-free sleep aid method, for people who do not wish to take unnecessary medication.

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