About Me

Hi and welcome to my site! I am JBittersweet, a YouTuber making videos on meditation, health, and spirituality. I have been practicing meditation for many years now, and have had great results from it, which is why I chose to create my YouTube Channel, to share the things I have learned, read and discovered over the past many years. I am not a spiritual teacher in any way, and I am simply sharing what I have learned in hopes of helping you guys on your way to a healthier and happier life.


If you enjoy my videos and blog, please support me on Patreon to help keep the channel alive. Since the YouTube boycott, it has become extremely difficult for many youtubers to keep making videos, and many are therefore asking their viewers for help, as that is the only way they can keep making videos and creating great content for you guys. So if you find my videos and blog helpful, I would be so incredibly grateful if you would donate a couple of dollars on Patreon. I really appreciate your kindness and generosity!