26 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating

Meditation is not just something Tibetan monks practice way up on the mountains. Meditation is something that can greatly benefit your life, even if you only practice for 5 or 10 minutes each day. The list of benefits there are with meditation is endless, and scientists constantly find new ways meditation is able to improve your life both physically and mentally. So here are 26 Benefits of meditation and 26 reasons why you should start meditating.

1 – Lowers blood pressure

Meditation reduces stress and helps you relax. It thereby lowers your blood pressure over time with regular practice and recreate balance inside your body.

2 – Lowers heart rate

As you learn to relax, and to breathe deeply, you automatically lower your heart rate. Your heart rate and blood pressure are controlled by your stress response and the constant release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. When you meditate daily, you lower the production of these hormones.

3 – Improves sleep

Meditation helps fight insomnia and sleep difficulties, as you learn to relax and let go to stress, worries and tension, allowing your body to be calm and your mind to be still.

4 – Boosts immune system

As you reduce the production of stress hormones, your body becomes stronger and your immune system improves, allowing you to fight viruses and illnesses.

5 – Reduces anxiety

As you learn how to breathe properly, you will be able to take control of your anxiety and reduce the symptoms and severity of your panic attacks.

6 – Reduces depression symptoms

Meditation stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter people suffering from depression are not producing and obtaining enough of.

7 – Reduces cravings

Meditation helps balance the need for the stimulating and motivating neurotransmitter, dopamine, which is the chemical people seek when they become addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn, or food.

8 – Helps with binge eating

Studies show that by becoming mindful of your emotions, you are able to assess your situation and act in a manner that is beneficial and rational instead of indulging in food and candy.

9 – Reduces production of stress hormones

As mentioned before, regular meditation is able to reduce the production of stress hormones, by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system and activating the parasympathetic nervous system of relaxation.

10 – Promotes Healing

As you reduce the stress level in your body, you are automatically restoring your health, promoting healing and restoring the cells in your body, creating a healthy environment inside your body and speeding up the healing process.

11 – Boosts your confidence

Meditation can help boost your self-esteem and confidence when you learn to be calm and composed, and get a better understanding of yourself.

12 – Creates inner peace

Inner peace is the ultimate feeling of well-being and happiness. Meditation can help bring balance into your life and make you feel centered and grounded. You become in control of your mind and emotions.

13 – Creates emotional balance

Meditation creates balance in your emotions and you are no longer allowing your emotions to be in control. It will take a lot more to get you upset and you simply have this overall calmness and stability about you.

14 – Clears your mind

Mediation can help you think more clearly. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and like you can’t make a decision, meditation can help clear your mind. You learn how to focus and clear mental clutter.

15 – Improves memory

Meditation allows your mind to be clear and calm. No learning can take place if you are stressed, as your mind becomes blurry and unfocused.

16 – Improves learning ability

Just as meditation improves your memory, it simply allows you to learn faster and with greater results. You are more in control of your mind, and you are calm and collected.

17 – Improves concentration

Meditation teaches you to take control of your mind and focus on one specific thing at the time. You also learn how to be mindful and aware with a clear and still mind.

18 – Reduces deterioration of brain cells and helps fight dementia and Alzheimer’s

Studies show that meditation reduces the deterioration process in elderly people. It actively slows down the Progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

19 – Helps you feel motivated

Meditation boost your motivation and balances the dopamine levels in your mind, which is the chemical that controls motivation. As you begin to see things clearer, it also becomes much easier to stay motivated, as you are not distracted by negative self-talk and mental clutter.

20 – Reduces feelings of loneliness

Meditation gives you an overall feeling of well-being and you feel more at ease in your own body, life and situation. You become much more balanced and you no longer crave company or acceptance in the same way. You are more centered and at peace.

21 – Helps you find the purpose of your life

As you begin to see things clearer from a new perspective, it becomes much easier to find your purpose in life. You become much more focused and sure of where you want to go. Meditation clears away the mental clutter and allows you to be aware of your emotions, thoughts and dreams.

22 – Strengthens your spiritual connection

Meditation is also a tool to reach a higher state of consciousness and connect with your spiritual side and the divine. You will begin to feel like you are part of something greater and that everything makes sense.

23 – Sharpens your intuitive senses

Your intuitive skill is something you need to practice to strengthen it. Meditation helps you to become more mindful and aware of things around you. You will thereby be able to tune into your sixth sense, your non physical sense, and allow it to guide you.

24 – Makes you feel happier

Happiness is one of the greatest outcomes of daily meditation. As you reduce your stress level, learn how to relax and find inner peace, you will automatically become much happier. You are now in perfect balance with the universe and yourself. Meditation also increases the production and flow of the brains natural feel good chemicals. Meditation thereby affects us on a neurological level, increasing our happiness in a natural way.

25 – Improves your feelings of self-love

You learn to appreciate yourself for who you are, and not who society want you to be. You may have a lot of negative self-talk going on in your mind, and meditation can help shift and reprogram your mind. It can help you replace your old negative beliefs with more positive and encouraging ones.

26 – Makes you feel complete consisting of both body, mind and spirit

When you meditate on a daily basis, you will begin to feel more whole as a person. You will create a balance between body, mind and spirit, and feel like you are connected to all three.

So these were some of the great benefits of meditation. So if you were looking for some reasons to start meditating, then here are 26 ways it can improve your health and happiness.

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Love and Light!


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